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Thumoslang – Falsifiable Love & Blockchain Technology

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Thumoslang – Falsifiable Love & Blockchain Technology

Nickantony Quach & Alec Mustafayev

Identified as the online book Thumoslang – Falsifiable Love & Blockchain Technology, this book is for anyone who wants to stop going to work for others and start working on their own dreams. It shows you a practical path towards personal wealth: passive income!

At the start of 2021, the Quach & Mustafayev Group began the process of organizing a blockchain project based in Providence, Rhode Island. Its purpose is to build up a massive amount of wealth for its participants such that they would be fully free from survival activities in order to devote their life to the further advancement of our humanity.

No experience required to join our group the Providence Blockchain Project

To be sure, the primary objective of the Providence Blockchain Project is a massive amount of wealth for its participants. The purpose of this book is to answer the following question. What makes it possible for the Providence Blockchain Project to meet its primary objective?

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